Who will teach your children about Human Trafficking?

There are four places a child can learn: their friends, their family, the internet, or a trained professional. Who should be teaching your children? Every child and parent we have spoken to wants it to be trained professionals. The problem is that most schools don't have trafficking as part of their curriculum. We can fix that. Together.

It is impossible to estimate the number of people affected by this largely hidden crime, as hard data is relatively scarce. To address this in 2016 the University of Texas performed the first state-wide study of trafficking. Their data indicates over 300,000 victims of human trafficking in Texas, 79,000 of whom are minor and youth victims of sex trafficking.

The Texas Education Agency serves around 9,500 K-12 schools. If these numbers are correct, there are 8 victims per Texas school. And that’s just in Texas. How can we reduce that to zero?

The BEST way to stop trafficking is prevention education. 

Want to help right now?

  • Call your school and demand they add human trafficking prevention education to their curriculum. We know we're not the only program; just get them taught.
  • If you believe we are the right solution for your school, suggest us. We'll take it from there.
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